Sina XX – Legalize Raving

Recorded in Iran and Lebanon (during an art residency), Legalize Raving takes you on a journey for freedom and realness. Inspired by the struggles of the youth in these two countries, Sina delivers 4 singular cuts of modern techno built around his trademark industrial beats.

❛ Dj Feedback ❜

Remco Beekwilder (Monnom Black) : “I like them and will deff play them:)”
Maxime Iko (BPitch): “Bravo c’est du très beau travail. J’adore wrong move et kingdom of fake”
Albert Van Abbe: “Strong release !”
Ben UFO: “Thanks, liking the sound of Voodoo Potential”
Opuswerk: “Voodoo Potential for me. Future beats that one”
Projekt Gestalten: “I really like the aggressive sounds here. Very nice work. Full support from me.”
Lea Occhi : “Superbe EP”

Additionnal support from Blue Hour, Dax J, Yosibear, Oceanic, Riyaz Khan and more.