Debts Will Tear Us Apart (subtyl)

“Rising French techno producer Sina comes back with a new EP ‘Until Debts Tear Us Apart’, a nod to the legendary 80’s single from Joy Division. Where his last work was written on the road between Beirut and Teheran, this new release digs into his European influences, going back to a time when new wave and techno were intertwined.” – Mixmag 

Anetha : “Really cool new EP !”

Hadone : “Heavy stuff! Will play for sure! Favorites are Free From Desire & Accidentally Cool, the groove is ace, well done.”

I Hate Models : “Free From Desire défonce”

Voiski: “Great ! Especially Debts Will Tear Us Apart, great track !”

Manu le Malin: “Thanks, my favorite is Free From Desire”

Notausgang: “Debts Will Tear Us Apart is top, you really blended EBM / Synthwave well ! There is a strong personnality that comes out of the 3 tracks.”

More support from DJ AZF, Remco Bekwilder, Lacchesi & more…